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"Our objective is complete freedom, justice and equality by any means necessary."
-- Malcolm X

Regarding my Magneto,

He is a fusion of primarily comic and animated universes. Primarily because I fell in love with him due to the X-Men animated series in the ’90s. 

I guess, I want to see if this helps my muse out a bit:

  • He does have movieverse ties (I mean it was the XMFC movie that caused me to create this account but I no longer keep that as his story).
  • He is at the point of his life where he created had created his first Brotherhood and may ditch them and recreate (but I won’t because I have been building up for plots).
  • If I had Wanda and Pietro, this would be the time he would have learned of his children and would be setting up attacks so he can save them (because I love how dbaggery it is yet still he wanted his children close).
  • So in short, he’s pretty early in his career yet in the middle of it all. He’s got his plans and is not so much angry as he wishes to right the wrongs.
  • I compare him to Malcolm X. IF you are familiar with comic Magneto and Malcolm X you will know that they both used violent means and over time had greatly change and see that their violence will not obtain what they wish. I guess, I just want to have that option of having my Magneto go through that change. (I mean the parallels for mutant rights and the colored rights are far too alike to miss, y’know?)

Yet because I love the relationship between Rogue/Magneto (even the pairing is kinda wrong on all levels) and how he trolls on Scott and all of that lovely stuff in current comics, I fall to maintain the points above which is what is causing my muse to slump greatly.

So like, I don’t know where he’s at because my constant fluctuations and w-weh. So I guess give me a day or so while I figure out who I want him to be. I will make it official and then reply to all threads.

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Didn’t expect to see you of all people here.


Evil is evil is evil, Maggy. 

How’s your pet space rock?

Charming. You remind me of someone whom I dislike greatly.


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Are you evil again or playing second string to red eyes? You switch so often I don’t even know.

It’s a bit harsh to call me evil when the purpose of my actions were for a just cause. 

In short, I am not ‘evil’ again and plan on fixing my errors even if I will never be forgiven.


Astaroth shrugged, smiling lazily, “You seem like it anyway, either that or daddy is just amused with you.” He purred, “You’re fascinating though.” 

Somewhat curious he wanted to ask just what Azazel speaks of Magneto, yet on the other hand he could careless about what is said, just as long as the respect and proper fear are had.

"What brings you here? To test your father’s stories or to join a cause worth fighting for?"

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my-accent-isnt-funny replied to your post: ooc. omg so i feel like one of azazel’s sons wants…

Ooc: i’d play him like a badass but he wont let me, hes firmly under th eopinion that you’re going to hit him at the moment, you’re probably the 10th person hes ever met TT_TT

ooc. BABY LET ME GET SOMEONE TO SCARE YOU SHITLESS (like I’ve done with my twins and Anthea >_> <_< >_>) SO YOU CAN JOIN ME BD

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(OOC: Don’t let it get to your head. Astaroth wants ALL OF THE DICKS.)

ooc. I never said I was complaining, bb ;D

ooc. omg so i feel like one of azazel’s sons wants my diq, the other is just such a pushover he no longer has a spine, then there’s kurt who is awesomesauce (no i’m not biased at all, what makes you say that).


You’re his best friend. Something along those lines. 

"Yes, something along those lines." To Magneto, it was strange to consider, let alone be considered someone’s best friend other than the naive Charles whom he’d befriended years ago.